Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Richmond TW9

Our company offers a wide range of home management services. And mattress cleaning in Richmond TW9 might just be the most important one. Mattress cleaning often gets overlooked and it can have serious impact on our health. We are here to change that. Over the years our experts have gathered a lot of experience and a large group of satisfied clients, that have shared some feedback on our testimonials page. When booking us you can rest assured, your mattress will receive professional deep clean at one of the lowest prices in the area.

We have a team of experts, fully equipped and prepared to deliver our professional mattress cleaning service in Richmond TW9. Our mattress cleaners are fully vetted and extensively trained in operating top-of-the-range cleaning tools and in applying highly effective cleaning detergents. We will fully remove odour, dust mites, other allergens and a range of stains of your mattresses, and will do it without breaking the bank.

When choosing our mattress cleaning in Richmond TW9 service, you will be able to pick the time and day for the service, as we are available for bookings 7 days a week and evenings. Our team members will come equipped with a range of solvents, to successfully remove stains left by food, red wine, coffee and more. With our professional mattress Stain and Spot removal system you can rest assured your mattress will receive professional treatment and will be cleaned to perfection. We have cleaned mattresses of different size, including small singles, singles, doubles, kings and even super kings.

To guarantee even better results and soft surface free of allergens, we offer professional bed bugs treatment. The method is fully natural and eco-friendly, as no cleaning detergents are used. Our technicians operate a most innovative UV-light using tool, that exterminates the mites deep inside the soft surfaces in your home. Then they are being vacuum cleaned, along with their droppings, spores and other allergens, with the help of very powerful vacuum cleaner. We will not only treat your mattresses but will also clean your carpets, pillows, soft toys, curtains and upholstery for a healthier home. Our expert mattress cleaners highly recommend the UV-light treatment for homes with people suffering from asthma, rhinitis, skin rashes and headaches.

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